Anonymous wrote me her heart touching review

Review-TCM Acupunctuur Eindhoven- IVF treatment

Anonymous wrote me her heart touching review:

“I was happy when Wonny asked me to write my story, because I’m grateful to her, and I would like to share my experience.

Me and my husband come from another country. My husband had a surgery for varicocele and his spermiogram was not ideal, nevertheless 5 years ago we had to wait only 1 month to become pregnant of our first son. Then, when he was 1 year old, we began to try for another pregnancy. At the beginning of course we were relaxed about that, and the first month passed without anything happening.

During the following months we kept on trying, more and more focusing our thoughts on this. Before 1 year passed, we went to a fertility center, because we knew of my husband problem. All exams were made and were perfect, we are young so we were not in a rush, but still this baby was not arriving.

After 1 year and 6 months of attempts, we tried for fertility procedure. I became pregnant, but in the same weeks we moved  here in the nederlands and everything changed for my family. I didn’t thought that stress could play such a role in pregnancy, anyway I had a miscarriage at 7 weeks pregnancy.

After that we went to a fertility center here in the Netherlands. They told us to keep on trying because we are quite young and the first pregnancy came really easy. But at that time becoming pregnant was already an obsession in my mind and also my husband felt stressed about it.

I was suffering a lot for the lack of a second baby, every day I looked at our first son growing and he looked so lonely to me without a brother or sister. I had hormonal therapy from the hospital for 6 months. In those months, again, nothing happened and all pregnancy tests were negative. Also, hormone therapy give side effects such as depression and sudden mood changes, so my feelings were really bad.

After these 6 months we decided to take a break of other 6 months, in order to mentally recover and get rid of stress.

At that point (after 2 years of trying for a pregnancy) I thought about acupuncture and I met Wonny. She took care of me starting from general health and energy. When I went to her I felt always protected, rested, taken care. And I felt that she was so precise, highly professional and she documented a lot in order to be sure that she would do all she could for my particular situation. She always took all the time we needed when she treated me, with complete equilibrium, slow pace, attention to every detail.

I started regular treatment with her (acupuncture, moxa, heating and other treatments made precisely  for me) 6 months before my last IVF attempt at the hospital.

So I arrived at my last attempt more relaxed, less obsessed, more rested I think. She treated me again in the weeks right before and after IVF, always changing precisely the treatment depending on the moment I was with the IVF. And this last IVF attempt worked out well.

I became pregnant, now I can hold my baby and I would say more or less every day I still think of Wonny and her treatment sessions, how well I felt there. And I feel that this baby is here thanks to her. “

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